Farms and Agricultural Products of Agoncillo

Agoncillo is a municipality largely dependent on the waters of Taal Lake and Pansipit River for it is home to 2,000 aquaculturists and 700 open fishing folks.

Its 2,000 fish cages with 15,000 fingerlings (bangus, tilapia, and other freshwater fish) each can generate seven to eight tons of produce per annum.

The Local Government Unit (LGU), through the offices of the Municipal Agriculturist and the Municipal Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council (MFARMC), has created strong bonds with the fishing community.

This partnership eyes to organize the fishing and farming community and prioritize assistance to the marginalized sector through establishing a cooperative that would aid in the capacity building of its local fishermen and farmers that would ultimately widen their livelihood opportunities.

The LGU also plans to enhance Agoncillo’s food sustainability, eradicate animal diseases, and lend a hand to the farmers and fishermen whose livelihoods fell prey to the recent volcanic eruption.

On the other hand, goat farms are witnessing a steady rise from all over the municipality.

A couple of goat farms that raise full-blooded Boer breeds are now in place and in operation in various barangays.