Taal Volcano View

The scenic views of Taal from Agoncillo

A lake within an island within a lake.

Indeed, Taal Volcano is an incredible natural wonder.

Unfortunately, its violent activities in 2020 inhibit travelers from setting foot on the diminutive volcano.

Now, the best and safest way to experience the scenic Taal Lake & Volcano is through a roadtrip in Agoncillo, Batangas which offers the nearest, most detailed view of one of the province's gems.

When in Barangay Banyaga, Agoncillo, the natural wonder seems to be just a stone's throw away.

One could also enjoy the place's zenwhere pump boats silently glide over the calm waters while birds hover hundreds of meters above.

It is best to drive down to Barangay Banyaga during sunrisewhen the morning sun envelops the majesty that is Taal Volcano.