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The Subli

It won’t be hard to point out that the Subli, a ceremonial worship dance practiced usually in Batangas and other parts of Luzon, traces its origins in Alitagtag and Bauan, Batangas. After all, the prayer all throughout the hours-long ceremony narrates a miracle story that mentions Alitagtag (then part of Bauan Sur) and its patron, The Holy Cross.

While there are not enough records telling how the age-old tradition trickled its way out of Alitagtag and onto neighboring towns, there’s no denying that Subli remains alive and authentic especially in Agoncillo.

Magandang Agoncillo Playlist


Agoncillo, Batangas is home to various natural wonders. Its spirited people, too, are worth the visit.


Resting next to the bountiful Taal Lake, Agoncillo has varieties of luscious and delectable delicacies.


Agoncillo has a firm hold on its cultural traditions and religious beliefs as it stays true to age-old rituals and practices.  

Historical Figures

Agoncillo is home to national treasures. Its people, its history and its culture are vital fibers of the municipality's rich heritage.

Past Mayors

Proactive and strategic mayors have led Agoncillo to greater heights since the municipality's inception in 1949.